Free iTunes Gift Cards

iTunes Gift Card Generator

iTunes Gift Card Generator

Nowadays iTunes Gift Cards certainly aren't anything new. But getting Free iTunes Gift Cards LEGITALLY is!

One of my good friends found out the hard way that an iTunes Gift Card Generator will only cause damage to your computer, and your life in general.

This is the way that an iTunes Gift Card Generator works and harms your computer. When you visit an iTunes Gift Card Generator website, it will ask you to download a program. This program will claim that once you download it, you will have access to Free iTunes codes.

The program they have you download will contain either a Trojan virus or spyware. Once you install the program onto your computer, the Trojan virus will harm your programs, files, and might even damage your computer so bad that you will have to reinstall your operating system, possibly losing all of your files! If this sounds scary, it is, and can be very time consuming and even costly to fix.

The file you download might also contain spyware, which can steal your personal information, and even lead to stealing your money! The key-logger programs that could be installed in these files can see what you're typing. It will see stuff such as passwords to your online banking accounts, or your password to your e-mail account.

Now that you know it's best to stay away from iTunes Gift Card Generators, here's a more personal story to shed some light on exactly what might happen if you take the chance and download one anyways.


Want Free iTunes Gift Cards Today?

One of my really good friends wanted an iTunes Gift Card so he could download some songs that had just come out from his favorite band. He didn't have any cash at the time, and I didn't have any money to loan him, so he decided to use an iTunes Gift Card Generator. Big mistake!

What started out to be an adventure to get a free $15 gift card turned out to cost a lot of time, and even some money in the end.

My friend (we'll call him Bob) downloaded an iTunes Gift Card Generator, and when he installed the program onto his computer, he instantly noticed something was wrong. He had downloaded the worst kind of iTunes Gift Card Generator, the one with a Trojan virus AND spyware!

He ended up having to reinstall all of his files onto his computer, and he lost all the music files he had saved on his hard-drive. This took Bob a lot of time since he had to reinstall the operating system, and manually reinstall the programs he had before he downloaded the generator.

I told him I didn't think downloading an iTunes Gift Card Generator was a good idea, and he should have listened to me. I had a feeling I could help Bob out though, and again, I was right. The answer to all of his problems would be solved with one easy to use website.


How To Get Free iTunes Gift Cards

After all of this madness happened, Bob wanted to pay for his iTunes Gift Cards from then on out. Luckily, I found a site that really will let you get Free iTunes Gift Cards, or anything else you want from

The site is called Points2Shop, and when you sign up and confirm the link they send you through e-mail, you get 250 points which is equal to $2.50! (since 100 points = $1) You can use these points towards a $15 Free iTunes Gift Card, or any other prize you might want.

How do you get more points? There are free surveys and offers you can do for points or cash, you can play other members on the site in the games for points, and you can refer your friends and get up to $1 per person you get to join.

The site is really fun and easy to use, and you'll be earning prizes and cash in no time.

    How to get your FREE iTunes Gift Card
  • Signup HERE
  • Earn Points
  • Order your Free iTunes Gift Card

You will never have to pay a dime on Points2Shop if you stick to the free surveys and offers. I've never had to use my credit card unless it was for a paid offer that I wanted to complete.

If you get confused when you first join Points2Shop, there is a shoutbox on the site where you can ask questions if you need help. The members in the shoutbox will be more than happy to guide you through what to do to earn iTunes Gift Cards. I wish Bob had known about Points2Shop before he downloaded that iTunes Gift Card Generator, he could have been earning them quickly without all the hassle of viruses and spyware. Points2Shop should be the only place you go to get iTunes Gift Cards for Free!